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The Bible Year – Ocala First United Methodist Church
Ocala First is reading the Bible together in 2022!

This Week’s Readings:

• Jan. 16 – Genesis 31:1 – 36:43
• Jan. 17 – Genesis 37: – 41:57
• Jan. 18 – Genesis 42:1 – 45:28
• Jan. 19 – Genesis 46:1 – 50:26
• Jan. 20 – Exodus 1:1 – 4:31
• Jan. 21 – Exodus 5:1 – 7:13
• Jan. 22 – Exodus 7:14 – 12:30
• Jan. 23 – Exodus 12:31 – 15:21

Overview: Genesis 12-50

Watch our overview video on Genesis 12-50, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Genesis, God promises to bless rebel…

How do I participate?
  • The best way is to purchase The Bible Year devotional book which provides a reading plan, short reflections, and summaries of key themes to enrich your reading. You can purchase a hard copy or eBook from or, or you can purchase one from the church office when they become available later this month.
  • Sign-up for our Bible Year email list for reflections from our Pastors and others throughout the year. These reflections will supplement what is found in the Devotional Guide.
  • Register for (free account with our congregational access code) for short videos from Biblical scholars. See below for the steps to getting registered with Amplify Media!

Purchase the Devotional Guide:

Join a Small Group:
  • Pastor’s Bible Study on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm (in the FLC or on Zoom)
  • Friends Sunday School Class on Sundays at 10 am (Room #31)
  • Ocala FUMC The Bible Year Small Group on Facebook
  • Do you have an existing small group that is interested to participating in the Bible Year? Or would you be interested in starting a new small group with your friends, co-workers, or family?  Contact Pastor David ( for a Leader’s Guide.
Worship with us on Sundays!
  • All sermons during 2022 will follow the reading plan, digging deeper into scripture and applying key Biblical themes to our daily life. Click here to view our Bible Year Sermon Archive!
  • We will also publish the weekly reading list every Sunday and offer encouragement to help keep you on track. 
We hope you will join us on this journey through Scripture!